8 Human Intelligence addition to IQ

Predicate intelligent, usually given to someone who has a high IQ. In fact, intelligence does not always mean that because there are eight kinds of intelligence that can be owned seseoranmg and can not be measured by IQ. What types of intelligence found in humans?

1. Linguistic intelligence
Speaking linguistic intelligence or intelligence. A person with this intelligence have the ability to manage the words, either verbally or in writing and be able to interpret the writing clearly. It often became his hobby is reading, crossword puzzles, playing scrabel.
 Some of the work is suitable for people who have linguistic intelligence is a broadcaster, journalist or lawyer.

2. Mathematical Intelligence and Logic
The intelligence to work with numbers and logic. People who have a mathematical intelligence is able to make a good hypothesis, classify, and analyze cause and effect. This capability makes someone able to think logically and rationally.
Some suitable job was as an accountant, programmer, or a scientist.

3. Interpersonal intelligence
Someone who has the interpersonal intelligence would be easy to understand and be sensitive to the feelings, temperament, motivation and character of others. As a result, they may face other people with good attention and encourage others to tell the problem.
 Some suitable job among other psychologists, negotiators and teachers.

4. Intrapersonal intelligence
Intelligence is to know and understand ourselves. Usually people with intrapersonal intelligence like to work alone, indifferent, can reflect on yourself, and be able to know the strengths and weaknesses of yourself.
 suitable job was as an advisor, counselor or theologian.

5. Musical Intelligence
Musical intelligence makes a person easy to enjoy, develop and express the music and sound. Usually someone who has musical intelligence like whistling, able to memorize the tone quickly and likes to work while singing.
 Some suitable job is as a singer, performer or composer of musical instruments.

6. Naturalist intelligence
Naturalist intelligence is intelligence to enjoy and understand the nature, utilizing natural productive and can use their knowledge to manage natural well. Characteristic of someone with keceradasan naturalist is able to understand the behavior of animals, menicintai environment and like to do outdoor activities in nature.
 Some jobs are suitable for someone with this intelligence are farmers, fishermen, hunters or hikers.

7. Kinetic intelligence
People who have a kinetic intelligence is able to express ideas and feelings of well-through motion. Characteristic of someone who has this intelligence usually likes sports and other physical activities that use.
 work is suitable for people who have a kinetic intelligence for example athletes, penngrajin, and tailors.

8. Visual intelligence
Visual intelligence in which a person has sensitivity to the visual, shape, color, line and space. This Kecerdaan make a person is able to make his ideas become clear sketch form.
 suitable job for a person with this intelligence are engineers, architects, photographers or pilot.
Apparently, there is some intelligence of human beings. Thus, someone who does not have a high IQ does not mean the person is not smart, right?

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